The Challenge

Getting customers across the line when it comes to high value transactions across borders can be difficult. Whilst customers often build a strong relationship and trust with the Mortgage Brokers who secure their properties abroad, they are wary of foreign exchange and remittance companies who are well known for adding hidden costs and manipulating rates.

The Freemarket Solution

A partnership with Freemarket gives Mortgage Brokers a trusted, co-branded currency exchange and cross-border payments partner to recommend to customers.

Working in partnership, Freemarket creates co-branded landing pages and marketing materials with Mortgage Brokers, helping to build brand loyalty with their customers and opening up a new revenue stream with a share of commissions.

Mortgage Brokers can save their customers significant amounts of money on cross-border payments and currency exchange by giving them access to the wholesale bank exchange rate and low transparent fees with Freemarket. Having access to the wholesale currency exchange rate in 30+ currencies can deliver huge savings vs using a bank or broker, building brand loyalty and trust between Mortgage Brokers and their customers.

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