The Challenge

Tech companies are renowned for knowing their craft inside out and utilising the best tools on the market. As a founder, you want to ensure your business will be successful, and Wayne from Te Mata is no different.

At the time of joining Freemarket, Wayne’s New Zealand financial market software company, Te Mata, were in need of a real-time API to help power their newly developed system. This led Wayne and his team to start the search to find an API that could accommodate their requirements.

The Freemarket Solution

A simple Google search led Wayne to find Freemarket. A number of things got their attention and made Te Mata get in contact to learn more about Freemarket and the Freemarket offering.

Freemarket allowed Te Mata to access interbank rates, which are usually reserved for just the biggest businesses.

One thing that gave Te Mata confidence, was Freemarket’s management team, and the experience they have. Freemarket’s team has led, managed, and built technology, processes and businesses across the financial services industry. This gave Wayne and his team belief that their decision to use Freemarket was well-founded.

“We were attracted by the background of the founders and their intentions, aims and objectives for the company.”

Freemarket is a growth enabler and becomes an extension of their client’s business, which helps businesses grow whilst not needing the extra overheads or expenditure, therefore streamlining whilst growing.

“The team at Freemarket are always on hand if we require any assistance or have any questions regarding the platform, trades or any other ad-hoc queries. What makes them stand apart from other businesses is that they’ve always been willing to assist in growing our business”.

The results

By using Freemarket, Wayne and Te Mata, have been able to save significant amounts of money when trading. The rates that Freemarket have allowed Te Mata access to has greatly benefited them, thus allowing significant cost savings.

“We have saved significant amounts compared to transacting through our bank.”

Not only have Freemarket allowed Te Mata access to services that they previously didn’t have, but the cost benefits, along with a solid product offering has enabled Te Mata to grow without restrictions and the extra overheads which are normally associated with it.

“Freemarket is a good, reliable, cost-effective service and every business should have confidence in using them.”

The ability to instantly do business in over 30+ currencies and 100+ countries is a great factor and reason to use Freemarket.

“The service and savings which businesses can make by using Freemarket are second to none. We’ll continue to use Freemarket and highly recommend the company to anyone.”

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