The stablecoin opportunity for Fintechs

Explore the dynamic realm of digital money in BVNK's webinar, where we discuss the widespread adoption of stablecoins among B2B fintechs. In this live discussion and case study on key use cases, we covered Freemarket's exploration of stablecoin wallets for merchants, build vs partner and insights on navigating regulatory considerations in this transformative space.

Cross-border Payments—The Journey Unveiled

Hear from Alana Condratov as she takes the stage at Reflect Festival 2023. Alana provides insights into the dynamic world of cross-border payments, discussing challenges, opportunities, and exciting trends like Fintech, blockchain, CBDCs and real-time payments. Be inspired by her emphasis on the importance of collaboration among traditional banks, neobanks, FinTechs, and regulators in tackling risks related to fraud, money laundering, and cybercrime.

The Human Side of Fintech...

Tune in for an episode of the Humans of FinTech Podcast with
Harrington Starr! Joining Nadia Edwards-Dashti is none other than Matt Jackson, VP of Relationship Management. Together, they tackle one of the most pressing issues in the industry today: the urgent need to attract a diverse range of talent and build a truly inclusive environment to
foster innovation.

Voice of FinTech—Featured Podcasts

Fintech Connect 2022

We partnered with The C-Suite Podcast, at Fintech Connect in London, to bring you the latest insights and trends from industry leaders. From blockchain and digital assets to consumer adoption and faster payments, our experts dive into Fintech's hottest trends and challenges. Check out the three-part series.

Hirander Misra

Chairman & CEO, GMEX Group

Will centralised and decentralised finance co-exist in the future?

Jamie Broadbent

Head of Digital, Innovation & Design, RBS

How will banks keep the next generation of consumers? 

Matt Jackson

VP Relationship Management, Freemarket

From faster payments to central bank digital currencies, what does 2023 hold?

Mike Whitehead

Chief Product & Banking Officer, Freemarket

SMEs are struggling to access basic banking services - how are Fintechs bridging the gap?

Susanne Chishti

CEO, FinTech Circle

How are FinTechs putting purpose ahead of profits?

Eric Queathem

Executive Vice President, Worldpay

Where are we going to see Crypto being used as a payment? 

SiGMA Europe 2022

Get an exclusive peek into the future of the gaming industry with Ronnie d'Arienzo, Chief Commercial Officer, as he shares his expert insights with reporter Panis Pieri at SiGMA 2022. Discover challenges facing the industry, how FinTechs are shaking up the market and payments industry trends we can expect to see throughout 2023.

Ronnie emphasises the importance of gaming operators staying ahead of the game when it comes to regulation, but also the vital need for their suppliers to understand industry challenges and what services are needed to help gaming businesses grow and scale.

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