Use cases

Prepaid card

Offer your customers cross-border transactions in their own names with our Managed Banking platform.


Access a global banking network that can rapidly expand your reach, whilst offering you the best available rates.

Mortgage Broker

Transform your business offering by streamlining your customer’s experience and building trust.

Case studies

Alternative Airlines

Alternative Airlines were looking for a partner to help them expand their global reach, by broadening their access to currencies and simplifying cross-border payments in new territories.

Alan Hicks

Having written two books on foreign exchange Alan Hicks is an expert who trusts Freemarket to deliver the best available price and service.

Te Mata

As a founder, Wayne knew his company needed to utilise the best tools on the market, and in the search for a real-time API, Wayne came across Freemarket.

Cluny Fish

Learn how greater control over currency exchange helped Cluny Fish stay ahead of competition in Europe, despite a changing business landscape.