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March 29, 2021
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Why Is There a Lack of Options for SME and Small Corporate Banking?

Anyone who follows or reads about Fintech companies will know that they excel at finding profitable niches in financial services and exploiting them. Once they have
March 22, 2021
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Do you understand what a virtual account / vIBAN really is?

Public domain information on the application of virtual accounts tends to be written from the perspective of the software company selling the VA software and/or focus on
May 4, 2020
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What are bank codes and why do they matter?

A bank code is a numerical code assigned to each bank in order to identify a bank and branch during financial transactions. Each code is generated and assigned by the
March 2, 2020
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Managing Banking Relationships as a Gaming Business in 2023

Gaming operators are expected to experience considerable growth in the next few years. The UK gaming industry as a whole is projected to surpass £7 billion in 2023,
February 24, 2020
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Are multi-currency vIBANS the banking solution you need?

There’s no denying that virtual bank accounts or virtual IBANS – vIBANS for short – are an interesting feature and are fast becoming a staple in banking. As we become
February 18, 2020
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What is Managed Banking, and how will it help my business?

Freemarket works with businesses to accelerate their growth by giving them access to cross-border payments and currency exchange optimised for their needs. Our managed
February 6, 2020
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Is 2020 the year of challenger business banking?

Recently – the past two years in particular – has seen a rise in business banking, with challenger banks emerging to take advantage of slow, legacy technology and
December 3, 2019
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Can we trust Open Banking?

Open Banking makes financial data interoperable. But whilst the tech is in rude health, customer sentiment is far behind what fintechs might expect… The crash of 2008/09