The Challenge

Whilst trying to complete the purchase of his new property abroad, Peter Cunnah needed a solution to help minimise the cost and increase the speed of the transaction. This is when Peter was introduced to Freemarket.

The Freemarket Solution

Freemarket came highly recommended from Peter’s broker, and he was immediately drawn to wholesale bank exchange rates offered by Freemarket, coupled with their extremely low commission and the overall value that Freemarket could provide.

“The personal approach, which the team at Freemarket provide is a game changer, it reassures you that they’re experts in their field and you’ve made the correct decision in using their service.”

You can use the Freemarket platform via mobile and web, but Peter was very impressed not only by the simplicity of Freemarket, but also the speed of transactions.

“The Freemarket idea is brilliant, and for the whole service they provide, they are such good value for money. I believe they’re leaps ahead of other providers I’ve used before.”

The results

The end result – Peter was able to quickly and successfully make the transaction. The easy process and constant support (if needed) on hand to guide him through the process, gave Peter confidence in Freemarket.

With a combination of competitive rates and expert support, Peter was able to make significant savings using Freemarket.

“I believe we saved 70% on the overall price of our sale, which is a considerable amount of money – especially when you take into consideration that when buying a property, that low commission – that Freemarket charge – makes a hell of a difference.”

“It was a pleasure doing business with Freemarket, and I will now use and recommend the service going forward.”

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