Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an electronic authentication method in which a user is granted access to a website or application only after successfully presenting two or more pieces of evidence to an authentication mechanism: knowledge (something you know), possession (something you have), and inherence (something you are):

  • Something you know – Like a password, or a memorised PIN
  • Something you have – Like a smartphone
  • Something you are – Like a fingerprint, or facial recognition.

Freemarket is adding this functionality to access our services and will require an Authenticator app that works with 2-Step Verification to provide an additional layer of security.

With the Multi-Factor Authentication enabled on your Freemarket Account, you would require an additional 6-digit verification code for a successful sign in to Freemarket.

Any of the two main Authenticator Apps in the market could be used for this purpose as they support the Time-based One Time Password (TOTP) algorithm.

  • Google Authenticator
  • Microsoft Authenticator

End-to-end Journey

First time setup

1. Log into Freemarket’s portal with a company (corporate) account using the new URL sign in page, using the existing credentials

Authenticator App

2. Once logged in, you will be presented with the page provided below. Please click on receive code to get the verification code depending on your current 2FA.

Authenticator App


  • If there is a phone number registered on the account, then a Verification code will be sent to the registered mobile number as a primary option for 2FA.
  • If there is no phone number registered on the account, the Verification code will be sent to the registered email address as a primary option for 2FA.


3. Type in the Verification code received in the Verification code field.

4. [Optional] Enable remember this device in case you prefer not to be asked for 2FA for another 30 days.

5. [Optional] If your current password is not compliant with the new password policy you will be prompted to change your password:

Authenticator App

a) Once the password is updated, you will be prompted to the sign in page again so you can log in with your updated credentials to sign in

6. Once logged in, the next screen will be displayed showing the next steps that will need to be undertaken:

Authenticator App

7. Download via Google Play store or iOS App-Store one of the Authenticator Apps supported and install it on your device. These are the Authenticator Apps supported:

  1. a) Google Authenticator
    b) Microsoft Authenticator

8. Once installed, open the Authenticator App, and select Manual Entry or scan the QR code.

9. After scanning the QR Code, the Authenticator App will display a 6-digit verification code (this code automatically refreshes every 30 seconds) which will need to be entered in the Verification code text box displayed above and click on Verify.

10. If successful, the Authenticator App set up will be completed.

Signing into Freemarket using the Authenticator App:

Once the Authenticator App is successfully set-up, the subsequent logins will require the Verification code it generates so one the sign-in with your Freemarket Email ID and password is successful, the next screen will be presented to enter the Verification code:

Authenticator App


  • Open the Authenticator App.
  • Type the 6-digit verification code displayed on the Authenticator App and click on Sign in


If you have any trouble signing in, please email our Freemarket support team at to disable your Authenticator App. This will allow you to set up the Authenticator App on your current device or a new one.

Reset Authenticator App or Pair a New Device (not for now)

In case you want to change the Authenticator app settings then: this is being worked on, the e2e process still does not work, the screens are ready though:

Authenticator App


  • Once you signed into Freemarket portal and your Authenticator app is enabled
  • Click on your name (top right of the screen)
  • Click ‘User Settings’
  • Click Reset
  • Type in your request on the displayed text box
  • Click on Request button
  • Once clicked, then system will send an email to
  • A Freemarket member will contact you to disable the Authenticator App